Resistance Band Workouts

Best Resistance Band Workouts For Strength And Endurance.

Resistance bands have proven over time to be a useful exercising tool. They can help you to build strength around your muscles with very minimal effort. Unlike lifting weights, you have so much to gain at the expense of limited input. If you are into endurance training, these items will help you to build more strength in various parts of your body. Below are some exercises from Exercise Resistance Bands UK that you can follow to achieve your goal.

Band Walks.

The main focus of this exercise is on the glute med and abductors. On the ground, step into the resistance band and place your feet to the width of your shoulders. Hold the other end firmly using both hands. Ensure you have pinned down the loop using the sole of your feet and leave enough tension between your feet. There should also be sufficient tension on the band from your hands to the legs. Slightly bends your back inward, then start walking one foot at a time, and you will notice the tension adjusting with every step. Make several repetitions then stop.

Hip Circuit.

The hip circuit move focuses on building strength on the hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, and abductors. On a stable object, loop one end of the resistance band at the same height as your ankle and leave a smaller part loose. Step into it using your left ankle first and ensure there is tension by moving away. Position your feet shoulder-width apart. The right foot should be very stable as it will take all your weight. Slowly, lift the left leg and move it back to make the ankles touch. Repeat the move, then shift and now use the right leg. You can also change position so that your back faces the anchor.


The planks move targets muscles around your shoulders, upper back, and the core. Find an anchor then loop the resistance band on a height just below your knee. Lie down with your head facing the anchor and your back facing the roof. Balance your weight using your elbows in a stable position. Ensure that only your toes touch the ground. In a well-calculated move, use one hand to hold the other end of the resistance band and pull it away slowly. Your body should not move, especially in the hips area. You gain more this way rather than when you twist. Continue moving the band towards your chest and back. Let go then shift and start using the other hand. Make repetitions almost ten times using each side.


The curls move helps to build muscles around the hamstrings. Secure your resistant band on a stationary object at an ankle level. Lie down with your back facing roof, and your head away from the anchor. There should be some space between your feet and the anchor. Position your arms in a way that your elbows face outward and place your chin on the hands. Using both legs, secure the loose end of the resistant band firmly. Ensure there is sufficient tension. Lift both knees so that they assume a 90 degrees angle. Slowly flex the legs till they touch your buttock and back to the original position. The contact should be between your ankles and the buttocks. Alter the resistance buy moving away slightly to make you gain more. Repeat the move ten times than take a break.

With the above resistance band exercises, you will notice the difference within a short period. However, you should follow the guidelines to precision; otherwise, you will not gain as much. Make several repetitions, and if possible, you can extend your training time.

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