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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I qualify for membership?

Each potential member must go through an initial assessment process to ensure that the facility is a good fit for their needs prior to signing up for membership. Additionally, each person interested in joining must have a medically diagnosable disability or chronic illness.

What types of classes will be offered?

Currently the center offers Yoga, Chair Aerobics and Balance classes on a weekly basis. As our membership continues to grow and expand, additional types of classes will be added.

Will you expand the hours of operation?

Currently the hours of operation are 5 days per week, but as the Fitness Center grows, expanded hours will be offered to accommodate our growing membership base.

Are there rules about attire?

Members and their guests are required to wear shirts at all times while in the lobby, lounge and fitness areas. Tank tops are allowed but must cover the entire chest and back. Athletic shoes must be worn in the fitness area and open-toed shoes/flip-flops/sandals are not permitted.

What is a typical workout like?

A typical workout is composed of four parts: warm-up/cool-down, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and strength training. Using a combination of fitness modalities and techniques each member will enjoy a personalized fitness program. Anti-bacterial wipes are available to wipe down machines before and after use. Water in an enclosed plastic container is the only beverage allowed on the exercise floor. For members' safety, all free weights must be returned to the racks at all times when not in use. Do not set them on the floor, lean them on the machines or against the walls. Certain free-weight exercises are prohibited, including the standing press, dead lifts and jump squats.

Are there accommodations for family members and/or children?

We do not offer childcare or a waiting area for family members. Children are not allowed inside of the gym.

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