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The Goodwill Fitness Center Campaign was established to create the first Fitness Center in Orange County for people with disabilities and chronic illness. It was funded by the community through a capital campaign, which raised $7 million to purchase and custom design the space, buy accessible equipment, and operate the program for three years to build sustainable support. This impressive effort was achieved in less than a full year of active fundraising, and was led by a member of Goodwill of Orange County’s Board of Directors, and founder of the Spinal Cord Injury Special Fund.

Your continued support is needed and greatly appreciated as some of our neighbors with physical disabilities and chronic illness are traveling all the way to San Diego or Los Angeles counties to work out, at considerable cost, time and inconvenience. Others simply have no way to exercise, which can worsen their physical and mental health. The Fitness Center will serve these people regardless of their ability to pay.

If you would like to make a donation to fund the programs and services provided by the Goodwill Fitness Center, please visit our donation page and select Goodwill Fitness Center under Choose a Program.

Every month we offer a complimentary tour of the Goodwill Fitness Center called Rise to the Challenge.

Ways You Can Help

"Rise to the challenge"

Your donations make brighter days for people with disabilities