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Membership & Classes

We created the Goodwill Fitness Center to fill the gap and provide what conventional fitness centers simply can't. At our facility, you have access to inclusive equipment, classes designed for people with disabilities, and a qualified, experienced staff. As part of a stay-fit program, you can enhance every day of your life by improving your stamina, muscular strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, bodily control and detailed mobility. Along the way, you may also develop a sense of belonging in a fitness center created for people in Orange County that live with physical disabilities and chronic illness.

For program and membership information contact the Goodwill Fitness Center at 888-OCFITCENTER (888-623-4823). Prior to applying for membership, please click here for information regarding a medical release.


Memberships are very affordable and physical therapy sessions are offered at very competitive market rates.

Unlike most fitness centers, the Goodwill Fitness Center does not charge a large initiation fee; instead there is a nominal one-time assessment fee to cover the cost of setting up each member for success. Scholarships are available to those people who qualify. It is the goal of the Goodwill Fitness Center to not turn away anyone in need of the center's services, due to a lack of personal funds.

Each prospective member must schedule an initial evaluation and assessment to ensure that the Fitness Center can best meet their health and wellness plan, and that an appropriate, personalized plan of care may be developed. Potential member’s must provide their written physician’s approval or consent before each participant may begin the program. Consent forms are available to download.

Classes have a nominal fee of $5 or $10. Please ask the front desk for more information.


Yoga Class Information

Goodwill Fitness Center members participate in the Yoga class

The yoga classes, which are designed for all levels of students, emphasize the union of mindful movement with the breath as well as proper alignment in the asanas (poses). These classes will help you build balance, flexibility, strength, stamina, concentration and focus. Restore peace and tranquility by releasing tension and stress.

Yoga Student Tips

  • Practice in clothing that allows for maximum movement, flexibility and comfort.
  • Bring your own mat (and a towel, if necessary).
  • Please arrive a few minutes early, fragrance free and without cell phones. If you must arrive late, do so quietly.
  • Do not practice on a full stomach. It is good to wait two hours after eating before practicing.
  • Please inform your teacher of any injury (new or old) or special conditions you may have prior to class.
  • Each day you practice, accept where you are. Avoid over stretching or straining. No experience or flexibility is needed. Always honor your needs and limitations, without judgment or criticism.
  • Abandon the competitive mindset. Yoga is totally non-competitive. It is a psychophysical spiritual practice, which strengthens the body, improves flexibility and promotes general well being, but its primary aim is to calm the mind, open the heart and accelerate spiritual growth.

About our Yoga Teacher

Sally Burns teaches a dynamic vinyasa flow style class, integrating her experience with Hatha Yoga, Iyengar and Ashtanga by emphasizing the union of movement and breath as well as proper alignment. A dedicated practitioner and student of yoga since 1997, Sally began teaching in 2002 and is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher (200 R.Y.T.). Sally studied with David Swenson in the Ashtanga tradition and Karin O'Bannon in the Iyengar tradition. In addition, she has taken many other teacher training workshops with notable teachers such as Saul David Raye, Max Strom and Angela Farmer.

Balance Class Information

The Goodwill Fitness Center features two balance classes suitable for people with different types of disabilities. The instructors incorporate dynamic as well as static balance activities. Using a variety of modalities that help people to balance, the instructor is able to help members improve their walking balance as well as their static balance. Do to the large popularity of the balance classes, members are encouraged to sign up in advance.

The Balance II class is an advanced version of the Balance & Mobility class.

Class Schedule

Chair Zumba: Tuesday 11am-12pm
Thursday 11am-12pm
Balance II: Friday 11am-12pm*
Yoga Class:
Saturday 10:30am-12pm

*Every other week.
Please sign up at the front desk to reserve your space. Learn more about our Yoga and Balance classes.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday: 9am – 7pm
Wednesday: 9am – 7pm
Thursday: 9am – 7pm
Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday: 10am – 2pm
Sunday: Closed
Monday: By appointment only

Goodwill Fitness Center member working out with adaptive equipment

Goodwill Fitness Center member working out with his service dog

Goodwill Fitness Center member receives instructions from trainer